Personal Training with Nikki Carrol | Fitness, Diet & Health Specialist *

Oxfordshire Personal Trainer and Nutritionist working with you, for you.

As a qualified Nutritionist as well as a specialist PT, my packages include more than just personal training. Each package includes the analysis, targeting and regular tracking of key body stats including body fat composition. Also included is food reaction analysis and, if required, bespoke dietary plans.

I believe that in order to be effective and sustainable, Personal Training has to be about more than just providing an exercise plan. It has to be about understanding your specific goals, preferences, habits and concerns and creating a tailor made plan that will address your exact needs and deliver the results you desire.

It has to be about providing you with the knowledge you need to ensure that once you achieve you results, you maintain them

In addition to 121 sessions, I also offer flexible small group personal training for those who want to train with at least one other person.

All of my PT sessions will be built around your needs but each one will challenge and motivate you. You will end each session smiling, feeling accomplished, stronger and excited about the next session.


ONE to ONE sessions

Single Session - £60

7 sessions - £335

10 sessions - £450

12 sessions - £505

20 sessions - £765


Single session - £65

6 sessions - £350

10 sessions - £550

GROUP TRAINING sessions (3 - 6pax )

£20 pp


£55 pp

Do you want the expertise of a PT without the time or commitment cost? This one of session might be the answer for you.

During this session you will learn how to perform the most appropriate muscle building exercises for you. The exercises selected will take into account your strengths, weaknesses abnd available equipment. You will come away with a full body workout which, if performed 3 times a week, will drive results. I can provide gym based workouts at a local PT studio or bodyweight workouts in your home.


£45 pp

As a PT, Nutritionist and self confessed foodie, I completely understand what foods you should be eating to fuel your body healthily but also how easy it is to be tempted by tasty treats or simply overwhelmed by all the conflicting information out there at the moment. We will shop together and I will help you to make the best purchases, discuss possible recipes and provide you with enough information to make your subsequent shopping trips much easier.


90 minute in-depth Nutrition Review, including review of macros, calories, support with creating appropriate and diet plan, recipes and shopping lists - £75

Please note that I require 24 hours notice of a cancelled appointment, otherwise the full session will be charged.


* The material on this website is provided for educational purposes only. We cannot guarantee any weight loss or fitness results.