Total Support - Diet & Exercise Support in the Oxfordshire region.

Do you struggle with your weight? Joined a slimming club or gym but just not motivated or feeling like you are doing everything right but still not losing the weight or feeling fitter or happier? You are not necessary looking for traditional personal training but you do want help.

You may have joined a slimming club or gym in the past, dieted religiously, exercised regularly and either not seen any changes or worse, lost the weight but then regained it and more.

Maybe you are an emotional eater or somebody that just doesn’t enjoy exercise or maybe your circumstances or health make exercising more complicated.

Perhaps you have good intentions and you are motivated but you are not sure what advice you should be following, should you be counting calories, cutting out carbohydrates, making sure you do 10,000 sets or doing 5 minutes of HITT exercise a day.

Maybe you know what you should be doing, you just need somebody to be accountable to, to check in with every so often, maybe check your exercise technique, refresh your training plan or review your eating habits.

If this sounds like you then do give me a call and let’s talk about putting together a specific bespoke plan that will work for you. You decide what you need and you create your plan.

I’ve included below a few standard components but I am flexible so let me know if you need anything else.


90 minute nutritional review to include food diary monitoring, BMR analysis, energy expenditure and macro setting if appropriate - £90

1 x 60 min face to face PT session - £60

1 x 30 min online accountability or review session - £35


* The material on this website is provided for educational purposes only. We cannot guarantee any weight loss or fitness results.