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I help people in and around the Oxfordshire regions, to eventually help themselves. *

As a single mum running a super busy business and managing staff that have pretty much taken over all my physical tasks whilst at the same time contending with an ongoing runner's knee, I found myself in an exercise-free, static, seated, office-based, miserable rutt. For 20 years I had pretty much put my own needs on the back burner and this summer I realised that my weight was going to continue to pile on, and my priorities weren't going to change without some serious help. Enough was enough. The help I turned to was Nikki, and I'm so glad I did. Nikki has encouraged and inspired me, pressured me and supported me over the last four months. Both instinctively and through her huge amount of knowledge and expertise she helped me make time for and enjoy exercise to the point where I missed my sessions terribly if I was away. Exercise is now something I have made a priority. In four months of two sessions a week I lost 7 kilos and I'm well on the way I reaching my target weight and have made the lifestyle changes I was seeking help to make. Thank you so much Nikki for everything, and the laughs! I'll definitely be back when finances are better, in the meantime I'm swimming and have joined a gym near the office where I'm training next to nubile young men in the weights room without feeling too out of place!! Can't recommend Nikki enough. 

Early in my first meeting with Nikki, she asked me to set a goal. “I want to be able to cut my own toenails” was my response. I should explain, I am a 77 year old male, terribly overweight, chronically unfit and noticeably lacking physical flexibility. I have high blood pressure and an impressive medical history. My 70’s have not been kind to me. 

I was able to greet Nikki at my 7th session with the news that I had indeed just cut my own toenails. 

Time for a new target .”My GP would be happy if I could lower my blood pressure”.  Not really a target, i appreciate but more of an aim. My GP however was very happy at the 20 point drop irrespective of the distinction between “target” and “aim”.

I could go on but I would really like to stress the five star award from every reviewer. I, like them I’m sure, would want to add a “plus” 

Nikki Carrol is definitely 5 stars plus .


I've never been a gym type, so I've been having PT sessions with Nikki in the lead up to my wedding, and I've enjoyed them so much that I'm going to continue even after the big day! She's tough, but fair, and the results speak for themselves. Not only have I lost weight, but my body shape has changed for the better, I'm more toned than I've ever been. Nikki will tailor the sessions to you, and really gets to know which workouts are best suited to you. She pushes you hard, but it's strangely enjoyable - it helps that we laugh a lot too.

Nikki , you have been the most brilliant and inspirational trainer. Thank you so very much for everything you've done for me. You did so much more than I expected. Apart from your PT sessions which definitely delivered a new slim, fit me, I also need to thank you for all of your brilliant advice regarding my nutrition, and how to manage and correct my aches and pains and in particular my painful knees. You even provided emotional support (if you ever fancied a change of career, you would make an amazing counsellor)  You have pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me do things I would never have thought I could do (I would never have imagined doing deadlifts at my age) and I am in a much better place physically and health wise than before I came to you.

Thank you again


Working with Nikki on my personal fitness programme has been a wonderful adventure of personal discovery....I have gone beyond what I ever thought I was capable of ...Nikki's unwavering encouragement is priceless. If you value yourself, it is an investment worth making.

Nikki is a dream. I can't really tell you how much I got from our short time together and if I was able I'd have signed up for much longer with her. Nikki's personal story gave me so much strength. As someone who is struggling to get fit and feel the health imapcts of it, Nikki was the only one who believed in me - more than I did myself. She's committed and more importantly she's really fun. I'm going to miss sessions with her but hope to see her again soon. Thanks Nikki, I've learnt a lot!

After four years and two babies, my weight really had crept up and my fitness levels were pretty non existent. I contacted Nikki and she assured me that I could get fit, lose weight and change my body shape , and I did!

Nikki is a really knowledgeable trainer who tailors the sessions depending on what you want to work on and also gives great nutritional advice to help you achieve your goals. If you want a motivational and dedicated trainer with a sense of humour to help you achieve your golas then Nikki is definitely right for you. 

In 6 sessions, Nikki managed to change my attitude towards exercise for life! I told her before we started that I did not run and would not run. By the second session I shocked her by asking her if I could run instead of walk on the treadmill. Since then I have discovered a love of running outdoors and built my time up to 25 minutes and counting! Nikki's patience and support meant that, whilst she pushed me hard during our sessions, I really enjoyed myself and couldn't believe how quickly my fitness increased.  The aim of the 6 sessions was to get me into my wedding dress (success!) but I will definitely come back to Nikki and would recommend her to any exercise resistant person who wishese they could get fit. Thank you Nikki! 

I contacted Nikki as I wanted to strengthen my muscles and needed some nutritional guidance. I thought I was eating relatively healthily but didn't realise what nutrients I was missing. With some tips and recipes from Nikki I have completely changed how I eat and I feel fantastic. I have lost aronund 4kg of body fat and eat more than I ever have before. Our weekly sessions are hard work but they are enjoyable and they give me a great sense of achievement with different routines every week. Nikki pushes me harder than I would ever push myself but she knows what I can do and is helping me to achieve my goals. Nikki really has changed my life and I wouldn't be without our weekly workouts now.

Having only set foot in a gym a handful of times over the last 30 years, I'm now going there 4 times a week and loving it. I never thought that would happen (and neither did my friends and family) and its thanks to Nikki Carrol.

The words "exercise" and "diet" have always filled me with dread, but Nikki hasnt only helped me change my body to be slimmer, healthier and fitter, but also she's changed how I think about exercise and nutrition. 8 months on and I'm still sticking to the plan she created for me. So far, I'm 4 dress sizes smaller and I feel healther than I have for years.

If, like me, you've struggled to lose weight and get fit, then give Nikki a call. It's one of the best decisions I've made.


Thank you thank you thank you for whipping me back to shape within just a month. I was in such a bad state after birth ( OK a bit dramatic)... My balance was compromised and I lost 80% of my muscle strength. As a combat instructor it was disastrous and I wasn't sure whether I'd ever be able to go back to teach it again. It still made me chuckle to think that I was saying "I have jelly legs" during the first 5 mins of our first session and I remembered I nearly fainted on the spot after 15. Ha. Now within a month of hard training, I mean it hard!!! I'm finally gaining my fitness and confidence back and I'm so excited to teach my first combat class this Saturday after almost a year! Nikki CarrolI can't thank you enough for the super program you wrote to achieve my goal but also your encouragement throughout my training. You have waken up my determination and the will power that I thought I've lost. I know you are proud of me as I've done my absolute best in each of our sessions and you know that from my face with agony written all over it. But we always finished with a big smile! Hope you have a good year and continue to help more people to get fit in a healthy way. Xxx

I have to say the biggest thank you to Nikki, for her help and guidance in the transformation of my body and fitness. I bought size 10 jeans for the first time in a long time! Not only that, it is inspiring to have people say how much i have changed. It has been hard work, but Nikki motivates you to keep going. Some people say " so when are you going to stop dieting?" My answer to them is " it is not a diet or a phase but a lifestyle change". I think more about what I eat and more importantly, making sure i keep eating at the right times!" I also love that my kids see me doing it and my son says" time for exercises Mummy!" Thank you Nikki. Now time for some more burpees!

My story

I found Nikki at a time in my life where I needed someone to listen, support and guide me.  It was by pure luck that I saw her advert and I didn't hesitate to call her. The first time we met up, I knew this was someone that I could talk to and she understood.  I have never looked back.  In 12 weeks I have gone from strength to strength not only in my fitness but the way I see food as part of my life.  If I don't have a Nikki fix, I miss it and her.  I cannot recommend Nikki enough as her knowledge and enthusiasm is amazing and her encouragement makes you want to succeed.   She is always there for you.   I am one happy client :-D

I have known Nikki in a professional capacity for over two years. Her, no fuss, hard graft approach has been both motivational and inspiring. Nikki knows about sports nutrition, how the body works and how intense and regular resistance training achieves results. I have first hand attended her fitness classes and enjoyed one to one PT. If Nikki says you can do it - you can, it's simple.

Over the last two years I have changed eating, sleep and exercise patterns based on her recommendations. Nikki teaches you that a holistic approach to training, addressing physical, mental and psychological is the key to success.

I would recommend Nikki to anyone wanting to make this massive all important step to getting fit - mind and body

I have been exercising for years but always struggled to change my body shape. I started attending Nikki's Xfit classes and got the bug. My body fat has gone down and my muscle mass up. She is motivating and great fun. I highly recommend her classes and also love all the extra info she provides. Her knowledge and advice on nutrition is amazing.

Nikki is an amazing motivational trainer. Her knowledge and experience of fitness and her nutritional talks and outlook are inspiring. Nikki always encourages me to have confidence in myself to achieve my potential. Whenever I am in a session with Nikki, I am inspired to work as hard as possible and do my best for me.

Nikki has made a huge difference to my fitness. I've never really enjoyed working out but it was only when I started training with Nikki that I began to enjoy being active and seeing the difference to my body and energy levels. She always ensures that my technique is right and that I am working at the right level of intensity for me. Even when I am in her group classes I always feel that she is aware of what I am doing. Her sessions are always fun and inspiring.

I have always had problems with my weight but in the past I never really believed I could change things. Even when I started a new diet I started thinking that this will restrict me and I will end up failing and I always ended up failing. Nikki has helped me realise that its not about diet and restrictions but about my quality of life, about looking after myself, stepping out of my comfort zone but recognising my limits. I still have weight to lose but I know that my head is now in the right place and that this time I will succeed.

So just got in from the Wolf Run - last event of the year and I don't mind telling you I smashed it. Not time wise because that's not what it's about but fitness wise. Every other event I have done up until now I felt like I was dragging the team back, I would struggle to continue later on, couldn't run hills and needed help over most obstacles. But today I powered up them hills, got myself over the walls and crossed the finish line with a smile on my face and power left in my body. The only difference between the other events and today had been our continuous sessions. You have taught me never to quit and to be amazed at what I can achieve when I just keep going. I felt so much fitter and powerful today and that's all down to you so I just wanted to say thank you for your coaching. your no nonsense attitude because today it paid off and I feel amazing. You are a brilliant trainer and if you help your other clients the way you have helped me then you are golden.

I have trained with Nikki for the past 12 months and she is a truly excellent trainer. She is the perfect combination of tough and warm and she works the whole person mentally, emotionally and physically. Because of her classes and advice, I am stronger and more lean,I have better balance and most importantly, I am having fun again working out. I have been trying for a few years to get back into shape to compete at track and field athletics but found the results very frustrating. However with Nikki's input, I can confidently say I am looking forward to competing again. I would therefore recommend her without reservation. 


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